Meebo Adds Video and Voice Chat to Web-Based IM

meebo-video 1.png

Popular web-based chat application Meebo has integrated voice and video chat applications directly into the Meebo's IM window. Just fire up a chat in Meebo, then click the rocket ship icon on the message toolbar. Your window will expand to offer different integrated voice and video chat options, like previously mentioned TokBox. If your buddy isn't also chatting in Meebo, she'll get a link to open a Meebo chat and start the voice or video conferencing. We're not talking the high resolution of Skype, but for a web-based, integrated video chat solution for any IM contacts, it's pretty impressive.


    Hey great demo app although I was surprise to find out that even after i Log out of it I still had my camera activity led turned on, so maybe it was still using it. Hope this doesnt mean being logged out still uses up your bandwidth.

    it worked out very nicely. I was impressed with the technology

    Since we are facing problems of global warming and other environmental issues it is best that we try to reduce activities that can harm the environment. Besides, planting more trees and plants, we should also use technologies that are environmental friendly. Video conferencing is one of the approaches to help protect the environment.

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