Making Documents Look Much Better in MS Word

Like it or loathe it, many of us use Microsoft Word, particularly in the workplace. Like Excel, it's a fairly feature packed program which many people never delve into. Web Worker Daily wrote up a list of tips for making your Word documents look better.

Some of the tips are pretty basic (view formatting marks, use symbols from the Insert menu) but there were a couple there which even this long-time Word user didn't know. The article assumes that you are already using the Styles (from the Format Menu, at the Styles and Formatting option).

Here's one which I know I'll use:

"Do you often grab text from web sites and drop it into Word documents? The result can end up looking like a ransom note. A quick way to drop the text in without all the formatting from the site is to go to the Edit menu and select Paste Special. Then select Unformatted Text."

I didn't know that nuking bad formatting was just a Ctrl-Spacebar away either:

"To get a quick view of how the paragraph is formatted, put your cursor over text within the paragraph and hit Shift-F1. This will bring up Word’s Reveal Codes pane, which will tell you about the formatting. Do you want to go back to default formatting settings? If so, select the paragraph and hit Ctrl-Spacebar to go back to the defaults."

Making Documents Look Much Better in MS Word [Web Worker Daily]


    Better than Ctrl-Space!!

    Ctrl-Shift-N will remove all formatting of your text in Word and set it to the Normal style.

    oooh thank you for that Peter. :)

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