Lifehacker AU to participate in Blog Action Day

blog_action_logo.jpgGina already told you that Lifehacker US is participating in this year's Blog Action Day, and with a week to go until the big day, I wanted to let you know that Lifehacker AU is also signed up.

Blog Action Day (October 15) is an annual blogger initiative to raise awareness and donation for a particular issue. This year's issue is the environment, so all participating blogs will devote their posts to environmental issues on that day.

We've already got a couple of green posts planned for the day, including an interview with Kate Conroy, Australia's top environmental podcaster. But we're on the lookout for more green-themed ideas, so if you've got any environmentally friendly hacks, please email them to [email protected].


    Three cheers for groupthink?!

    How about the green themed idea that you don't take evasive action until a threat is clear and imminent?

    Trillions of dollars malinvested because of a computer generated fairy tale does not make sense.

    Merci de votre participation ! Venez dés à présent vous inscrire à la MAP'MONDE !

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