Leopard's Revamped Terminal Sports Tabs and More


Mac OS X 10.5 only: Command line-lovers who've upgraded to Leopard will also love its new tabbed interface and fine-grained window control. To create a new tab, hit Cmd+N Cmd+T, and to cycle through tabs, use Cmd+} and Cmd+{. You can also drag and drop an existing tab into its own window, configure and save window groups, and skin Terminal windows using prefab or custom themes. After the jump, see the theme options ("Pro" pictured here.) terminalpreferences.pngYou can also save shell configurations into reusable profiles. Awhile back I said that the open source iTerm should've been included in Leopard, but I was dead wrong. The new Terminal's got iTerm's goodness without the separate installation.


    How would you get a keyboard shortcut to open a new tab or window with a certain profile? I like having several profiles (one which automatically starts git-sh, one which automatically connects to a certain ssh server, one all-round default...), and would like to use System Preferences to add keys to these, but adding the name of the profile doesn't work (possibly since the name appears in both "New Tab" and "New Window", giving a name conflict). Does anyone know how to do this?

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