Kwoff – an Australian social news aggregator

Kwoff – an Australian social news aggregator

Fans of Crikey and its founder Stephen Mayne will be interested to know that he’s one of the founders of new website Kwoff, along with Dan Walsh and Greg Barns.
I had a chat with Dan today and he said their plan is to do for Australian news what Digg does for tech news – with a view to being a central aggregator for political, business and current affairs news.
He’s been on the road talking to both mainstream publishers and more niche players like Lifehacker and New Matilda with a view to drawing a wide range of online news fans to Kwoff.
Like other aggregators, you can browse the site freely, or register to be able to submit or vote on stories.
Their guide to Qwoffing is here or there’s a cute animated walkthrough here.
It was nice to see a Lifehacker story on their “Top Today’ list, but admittedly the number of tech stories which have been “qwoffed” so far is low.
It’s early days for Kwoff and aggregators are only as good as the people submitting and voting on stories, so consider yourself encouraged to check it out, and let’s submit some tech stories. 🙂
Hit the jump to see a nice visual snapshot of the kinds of stories which Kwoff readers have been interested in so far (gotta love tag clouds!)


  • I listened to ABC radio and KWOFF sounded pretty good. Where is the ‘REAL’ content – politics, world issues, etc. I would like to read issues that are not reported on commercial media and be able to vote on them. All I appear to have access to is advertising and computer products!!!!!! Please let advise me on how to get out of this airy fairy stuff and into the news section and how to register for voting.

  • Qwoff looks rushed and seems poorly implemented. Broken links, spelling mistakes, wrongly placed navigation items, site name is different to domain name ( vs and a lot of spam. I was going to tell them of some errors on the site but the contact link is incorrect and when crafting a correct URL to contact the admin the contact form is faulty. The signup emails are error ridden as well. I do hope they get their act together as at the moment the site is not worth the trouble.

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