Keep your new credit card squeaky clean

The 43 Folders blog has a nice idea for storing your new credit card details to make it easier to find and replace your online banking and automatic payment details in the future.

“Create an OmniOutliner (or text or Excel or Google Docs) document, and capture the name of every account, site, or other location where you needed to update your credit card information. Also, create a second column where you paste the exact URL for the page you had to visit to make your change.”

He also suggests using this document to keep track of the customer service phone numbers for your credit card company/bank.

The thing I like about this tip is that it gives you somewhere to track all those pesky subscriptions you sign up for, so you don’t get a nasty shock when that annual subscription you’d forgotten about (or meant to cancel!) shows up on your credit card bill.

Toward a hygienic credit card  [43 Folders]




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