Increase Your Energy With Stretches


Wake yourself up in that afternoon energy slump simply by getting up and doing some simple stretches. Self-improvement site Dumb Little Man has a list of twelve easy stretches you can do back to back that will increase your energy and recharge your brain in a matter of minutes—these basic exercises will also be a lot more healthy for you than slurping back that caffeinated energy drink.


    As a Yoga Teacher I can vouch for this. I have lots of students who swear by a mid afternoon stretch. Also, if you work in a place where you’re able to do this, a great pick me up is to do an inversion for a couple of minutes, i.e. hang upside down or a handstand/headstand... No better way to keep going throughout the day....

    Hi Rubens,
    I'm a big fan of stretching too.
    I'm a yoga student and I do stretching before and after the outdoor fitness class I attend too. It feels so good I'm looking into classes which are *just* stretching! :)

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