HTC Google phone announcement imminent?

Via CNET - The rumoured Google phone may be announced as early as next week, according to a report in Fortune magazine.

Taiwanese handset maker HTC (who already have a touch screen phone on the market here in Australia) are mooted to be lining up a phone running a Google OS by the end of the year. The catch is? One of the industry analysts quoted in the article says the phones won't be for sale, but are demos which will be provided to developers as proof of concept. The rumour mill has it that Google will partner with a number of handset manufacturers rather than putting its own device on the market.

If the idea of lockin to one phone company, or of Apple's overzealous policing of third party apps on the iPhone (or hell, the fact that we won't have the iPhone here until some time next year!) has you looking around for iPhone alternatives, then like me you'll be keeping an eye on this one.


    Sounds great! I'm currently using the HTC Trinity (marketed here in Aust. as the Dopod810) and it's fantastic! Specification wise the HTC is far better the the iPhone (ie GPS, video camera, proper bluetooth & 3rd party APPS!). However I'm the first to say it's got nothing on the looks and interface of the iPhone.

    My tip is by the time the iPhone arrives here, the Google Phone release date will be out in the open and people will have to wait yet again.

    I wonder if the Google phone will record all your conversations for future reference ;)

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