How to turn your iPod Touch into a 3G device

[via Make]The creator of this hack says you can use it to 3g-enable an iPod Touch or an iPhone. Given that we don’t yet have the option of an iPhone in Australia, it looks particularly appealing – if you have a Windows Mobile phone to act as a “bridge” for the Touch to use.

He recommends using a  phone or PDA with Windows Mobile 5 or 6 to act as the mobile access point. You also need a SIM card and the (free) PHM Registry Editor program.

Cute hack which requires no hacking of the iPhone and just a registry edit of the Windows Mobile device. Without a microphone, of course, the Touch can’t be used for voice calls. But then, you have the spare Windows Mobile phone for that anyway. 🙂

Turn your iPod Touch into a 3G iPhone  [Pyrofer’s Projects]  

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