How to Get Out of Traffic Tickets

AOL users share stories on how they got out of a traffic ticket after being pulled over on the road. Not surprisingly, honesty and respect for the cop worked wonders. One reader says she was pulled over after she knew she'd made an illegal turn twice:

The officer asked if I realised I was admitting to having done the illegal turn twice. I said yes. He said they weren't giving out warnings; they were ticketing people. I said I realised that and knew I deserved the ticket. He reiterated the point about not giving out warnings. I said I understood. He stared at me for a long time, and then told me no one ever tells them the truth. And because of that he was giving me a warning.

While nothing will guarantee you'll get out of a ticket after a cop sees a violation, there are things you can do to better your chances. For more check out our controversial previously-posted howto on getting out of a speeding ticket.


    For the Victorian Australians out there, Victoria Police actually has a formal process by which you can get your speeding ticket reduces to a warning.

    You're eligible if you:

    * hold a current drivers licence (includes probationary licence holders but does not include a learner drivers permit holder).
    * have not been issued with a speeding, other traffic fine or official warning within the previous 2 years.
    * were caught doing less than 10kph over the speed limit (say, 68kph in a 60kph zone)
    * do not deny that you committed the offence.

    You can even get multiple infringments reduced if they occured in a regular spot before you received the first ticket.


    I found out about this in the paper when I read that police officers were forced to pay their fines something like 75% less of the time than everyone else. Turns out it was just because they knew about this!

    Similar situation,

    A friend of mine (really it wasn't me) actually admitted to speeding in a similar situation... Except he was doing 38kph over the limit.
    This is enough to have your license suspended on the spot.

    The police officer ended up giving him an infringement for between 15 and 30 k's - he still got a fine too but it's so much better to just be honest.

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