Help identify mystery music at

identify_us.pngHere's a website which will be fun for music nerds - and possibly useful when googling snippets of lyrics doesn't help you identify a mystery piece of music.

The beta of allows people to upload snippets of the songs they wish to identify, and any description they can provide (for example, the radio show or movie where they heard it). Visitors to the site can use the inbuilt audio player to listen to the snippets and then reply. I also noticed at least one YouTube clip uploaded for identification as well.

The site is advertising driven and asks that people identifying songs point to an online retailer who sells it (or use an affiliate referral code). I'm not sure if this is a *requirement* of using the site or just a recommendation.

Flash Player Version 9 is required to use the audio player, and it requires Javascript as well.


    Thanks for the link.

    Affiliate links are not a requirement, just a bonus to those in the know and who wish to use them.


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