Grow your own salad sprouts

sprouts.pngOften city-dwellers forget just how much gardening and food growing options we have, even without a proper garden. Even if you just have a courtyard or balcony, you can save some money and enjoy having your own fresh foods on tap. I once grew lettuce and tomatoes in a large pot plant on my balcony!

Pot planters with mini-herb gardens are a nice idea, as is this one from The Age's foodie blog - growing your own salad sprouts. I haven't done this in years! You can start from seeds, or buy freshly sprouted seeds and beans from your local nursery or organic shop, or sometimes even your supermarket.

Now all we need are some recipes for delicious sandwiches and meals to use our home grown sprouts!


Photo credit: Princess_of_llyr under Creative Commons

Live from the kitchen - DIY salad sprouts [Chew on This]


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