11 Realistic Ways You Can Help Reduce Global Warming

11 Realistic Ways You Can Help Reduce Global Warming

Earlier this year I was lucky enough to attend an event on climate change where Australian of the Year Dr Tim Flannery was speaking. He’s very blunt in his assessment of how slow Australia has been in acting on global warming, but the thing which struck me the most was when he spoke about the predicted human impact of rising sea levels. He posed the question “How do you deal with several million people on the move and looking for new homes?” It really helps put things in perspective – reducing your own carbon footprint and use of fossil fuels doesn’t seem quite so onerous after that!

Flannery has published several books including one on global warming called The Weather Makers. The book’s website also has a handy list of 11 Realistic Ways You Can Help Reduce Global Warming, such as choosing energy efficient household appliances and lights, The page includes contact details for the power companies which provide accredited ‘green power’. Basically what that means is by paying slightly more for your power, you can choose for some or all of your power to be sourced from renewable energy sources such as solar or wind – reducing your reliance on non-renewable resources such as fossil fuels, which create the carbon emissions responsible for global warming.

11 Realistic Ways You Can Help Reduce Global Warming

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  • If you have a choice of green power sellers and can’t decide between them, or think you could get a better deal elsewhere, take a peek at an independent review of Green Power providers: Green Electricity Watch. I am currently with Synergy, but think I might switch to Origin based on the info for WA.

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