Get Clothing Recommendations from Dress Code Guide

tuxedo_tie.jpg If you've ever scratched your head at dress code jargon for interviews or business meetings and still don't know the difference between "business casual" and "semi-formal," worry no longer: web site Dress Code Guide recommends all the appropriate articles of clothing for different situations. For example, if you're a male and need to know what counts as "business casual" garb, the site suggests a collared shirt with an optional jacket or tie, high quality pants and dark leather shoes. The guide suggests women wear pressed white blouses, knee-length skirts or slacks and closed-toe shoes (does this seem a touch archaic?). Dress codes can be difficult to nail down since they're ultimately very subjective, so share your interpretations of the casual to formal gamut in the comments.


    It's a good idea but I found the whole site to be archaic. All that plain text and no links. A site like this screams out for images as well but there are none as far as I could see. What were they thinking of?

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