Free Stuff We've Gotten (and Given) Recently

Sometimes companies send us free products for review, to thank us or just to suck up to us, and we like to keep you updated on that so everyone's keeping their nose clean. We never write up products just because we get 'em for free, and when possible, we give stuff we get back to you. After the jump, the contents of our schwag bag since our last update and a special reader gift.

  • Adam's Ambassador'ing for Sprint with a free phone and service for the last few months.
  • ReadyMade magazine sent us a neat little package of Shrinky Sheets.
  • After our post about them, we got a package of Field Notes Brand notebooks.
  • Sarah got review copies of Apple's iLife 08 and iWork 08, and will be downloading a review copy of Rogue Amoeba's RadioShift just as soon as she has a chance.
  • Pixar donated 5 Ratatouille gift packs for Lifehacker AU to giveaway, and ACMI donated 5 double passes to the Pixar exhibition. Yay for giveaways!

Readers with crazy insane memories for this stuff might recall that Microsoft sent us an Acer Ferrari laptop with Windows Vista back in December. Our plan was to run a reader contest to give the lappie away once we'd finished using it to test Vista-related tricks and software.

But over the course of that time, one reader was quietly winning the "Most Deserving of the Laptop" contest behind the scenes, voluntarily spell and grammar checking all of Lifehacker's posts daily and emailing us our mistakes and corrections. So we decided to show our Reader We Love some affection with a gift of the laptop. Congratulations, Dustin! I hope you DO find some good use for the "little fella."


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