Firefox extensions for getting the most out of Google


I've been reinstalling operating systems and switching browsers so much lately I have to admit I'm operating in a bit of an extension-free zone, but Web Worker Daily posted about two extensions which seem worth checking out - Google Preview, which shows you thumbnail preview images alongside your search results, and - even cooler - Googlepedia - which displays relevant Wikipedia pages alongside your Google results:

"This is useful not only because the Wikipedia information automatically tells you more about the topic you’re searching on, but because you can click on links within the Wikipedia articles to automatically trigger Google searches related to those links. When researching a topic, the Wikipedia articles and their embedded links will often get you what you want faster than the Google search results do."

Since I took the time last night to set up all my essential workday Firefox bookmarks to open with one click in Firefox, perhaps I should break my extension embargo and go for these two. Got any essential Firefox extensions to share? Leave them in comments please.

Firefox Extensions for Getting the Most out of Google [Web Worker Daily]



    Enables you to click wanted items from a hit list table and copy/paste just those. Otherwise you have to copy everything to a spreadsheet and edit

    Very very useful in my Genealogy research

    I also like Reminderfox - very easy cal and todo

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