Dos and Don'ts for Self-Promotion on the Job

Whether you're looking for a job, wanting to get a promotion or just want to get better at your job, self-promotion can help you get there. Australians are reknown for the 'tall poppy syndrome' which cuts down people who are seen as high flyers, but that doesn't mean you should aim to be well thought of by your colleagues and peers. It's knowing how and when to toot your own horn, and when to acknowledge your peers and boss that is the trick!

There are a number of factors which influence your ability to win jobs or promotions - and it's not just about ability or experience. Elizabeth Freedman has written an article for employement website Engineering Crossing, which highlights how to showcase your abilities to their best advantage - because as she says, often the best jobs and promotions go to those who are great at networking or self promotion,

Her tips are about how to effectively network with colleagues and peers, and how to raise your profile in your chosen profession. I liked the fact that she emphasises taking responsibility for getting better at what you do:

"DON'T assume that opportunity isn't always knocking. In other words, use any chance you get to demonstrate your talents. Don't put the minimal effort into something because "nobody will read it anyway" or show up looking sloppy because you sit in your cubicle all day. Trust me, the one piece of work you decide to blow off will be the one assignment your boss decides to take a close look at. As far as you're concerned, every day is game day, so keep your guard up and be ready for opportunities to shine."

What steps have you taken to help you succeed in the workplace? Please share your tips in comments. :)

Great Careers Don't Happen by Accident: Dos and Don'ts for Self-Promotion on the Job [Engineering Crossing]


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