Display Your GCal Agenda in Firefox's Sidebar


You already know that you can load bookmarks in Firefox's sidebar, and that narrow webapps like iPhone-optimised services work well there. Reader Eli writes in with how he customises his Google Calendar agenda to load in his Firefox sidebar, with events from multiple calendars, as wide as he likes. Here's how to set up your Firefox sidebar-friendly agenda using GCal's embeddable calendar HTML.

This technique's a nice alternative to getting the daily GCal agenda bacn email. Thanks, Eli!


    I had some problems getting this to load until I changed the %40 in my id to the @ symbol as in [email protected]

    At which point it seemed to work fine.

    I'm not sure what that's about, but this is a great tutorial.

    hrmm.. I cannot get my Remember the Milk Calendar to post onto the sidebar agenda. It shows up in the configuration, but when I try to open it in the sidebar, it says...

    invalid calendar id: (id would be here, but I removed it from the post)import.calendar.google.com

    If I manually remove the id for that particular calendar.. then the agenda works fine.\

    except for the %40 thing I already mentioned. Though since I don't see my comment and it's been awhile I'll say again that [email protected] was represented as myid%[email protected] in the embed code, which didn't seem to work. So I changed it and it worked fine. Except for the RTM, which didn't work regardless.

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