Disable Automatic Windows Restart with Auto Reboot Remover


Windows only: Selectively enable or disable the automatic system restart that's applied after certain Windows Updates with freeware application Auto Reboot Remover. While I'm sure Microsoft had good intentions when they pushed out the automatic update reboot, good intentions don't make you feel any better when you return to your computer after grabbing a bite to find out Windows decided to reboot and—naturally—did not happen to save the important files you were working on before it did so. We've covered this idea in more roundabout ways in the past, but Auto Reboot Remover is the quickest, easiest way to disable the auto reboot process. Auto Reboot Remover is freeware, Windows only. The download page is kind of a pain, but you'll find the right link about halfway down the freeware section.


    While you're waiting for it to download, you could just ...

    My Computer > Properties > Advanced > Startup & Recovery > Settings > uncheck Automatically Restart.

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