Create Citations and Bibliographies Using Word 2007

Create Citations and Bibliographies Using Word 2007

bibliography.pngStudents banging out their final papers this semester with Microsoft Word 2007 will be interested in this tutorial on creating and managing references, courtesy of Microsoft. The references tab on Word 2007’s new ribbon offers a slick way to enter your sources and choose a style to display them, from APA to Chicago to MLA.

As I write my paper, all of the citations that I have been inputting are stored in this awesome tool called the source manager, which can be accessed by clicking “Manage Sources.” This means that instead of my list of books I have been poring over going into the ether I call index cards, all of my work is stored in one little handy database. Enter incredible time savings.

From the Bibliography drop-down, choose whether you want a bibliography or works cited section and Word automatically generates and formats it for you. Handy.


  • I agree with the Zotero Fanboys (of which I am one). It is by far the best referencing tool out there. I am actually handing my thesis in at 1pm this afternoon 20,000 words referenced entirely using Zotero.

    The only drawback was that it doesn’t yet cite in the Harvard style (which is almost identical to APA) -which my University required. However thanks to Open Source, I’m sure it will soon.

  • I think Harvard style is now know as Chicago style, but I’m not completely certain about it. That said, it’s a dumb point for me to bring up.

    For most university students, it’s quite likely that your campus has a site license for Endnote (or its competitors), meaning you can get it for the princely sum of nothing. I highly recommend you use Endnote (if you can get it for free), as it’s a great piece of software.

  • Is there any way to export a bibliography started in word 2007 into Zotero ? or into EndNote (version 9) ? I use both of them and ccoperate with a colleague who uses the MS Word 2007 bibliography tool which I don’t have.

    Any ideas ?

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