Chinese P2P '50 times faster than Bit Torrent'?

Yesterday, a Thomas Crampton YouTube interview with Ogilvy China’s Kaiser Kuo on Chinese web development got the blogosphere all atwitter, particularly his claim that Chinese P2P file sharing network achieves speeds up to 50 times faster than Bit Torrent.

Tech Crunch's Duncan Riley blogged about it here, saying:

"It’s interesting to consider the broader ramifications of what Kuo is saying. His general argument is that without the artificial market restrictions imposed on P2P networks in the United States by the RIAA and the MPAA, Chinese companies have been free to innovate and are now producing superior web technology in P2P sharing, and a whole range of related industries."

Today, the Torrent Freak blog weighed in and called out the tech behind Kuo's claims:

"First of all, if Kaiser Kuo’s claim is right this would mean that on average, BitTorrent users would use less than 2% of their available bandwidth when downloading. This is an absurd claim, because most people know that it’s fairly easy to max out your connection, even on a private tracker.

It gets even more hilarious if we look at the download speed Kaiser Kuo is bragging about. He tells us that it downloads 2.2% of a DVD quality episode of the TV-series “24″ in only 3 minutes. If we assume that he’s talking about the 700Mb DVD quality file, this means that he reached an average download speed of 88kB/s. I have no clue under what stone Kuo has been living, but 15.4Mb in 3 minutes is not going to impress many people."

It's quite a rant, the upshot seems to be don't hold your breath for a P2P superhighway anytime soon.

50x Faster Than BitTorrent? Dream On! [Torrent Freak]


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