Call for banning of energy inefficient plasma and LCD TVs

The news that a government-commissioned report has called for a ban on the sale of large plasma screen TVs because of their power consumption has got a lot of tech geeks atwitter today. Asher Moses wrote the story for the Sydney Morning Herald today.

The story says consultant firm Digital CEnergy recommended "onerous" mandatory energy requirements which would mean that most current plasma TV models would be banned from sale in Australia as early as October 2009.

The report, prepared for the Government's Australian Greenhouse Office, also recommended a tougher second tier of restrictions which would ban almost all current LCD models from the market in 2011.

I'm in favour of reducing power consumption, but realistically can manufacturers turn around lower power usage models in a 12 month timeframe? Somehow I don't see the government signing off on these recommendations anyway so it's probably a moot point.


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