Build your own working Star Wars X-Wing

I couldn’t let this one go unnoted (yes, I realise my inner Star Wars geek is showing). Our pals at Gizmodo found some Star Wars fans with enough DIY mojo to build their own *working* rocket-powered X-Wing fighter.

“After drawing the plans using CAD software, Andy’s team and his friends at Polecat Aerospace (with the help of RMS Laser and Aerotech Consumer Aerospace) used laser cutting to make the pieces out of Baltic Birch wood.”

The Giz boys in the states also drove out to the Californian desert to film the launch (and sad demise) of the X-Wing. Awesome. Will they make a Millenium Falcon next?

Rocket-Powered 2-Foot Long X-Wing Model Actually Flies


Video: The Rocket-Powered X-Wings Flight… and Death [Gizmodo]

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