Build a Squirrel-Proof Bird Feeder for Under $10

birdfeeder.png Build a bird feeder that those pesky squirrels will not be able to get into with Instructables' step by step tutorial. Materials are all available at your local hardware store for less than $10 (your mileage may vary, but a quick walkthrough of my local big box priced me at around $12, so not much of a difference), and while the process is somewhat labour-intensive, it's still doable in under a couple of hours and will cost you less than the squirrel-proof feeders you can buy already made.


    I wonder if this is possum proof?

    Haha that's exactly what I wondered when I read it. :)
    From memory, squirrels are a bit smaller than possums, so I'm not sure but I reckon it would be worth trying it and finding out.

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