Beat Writer's Block Just By Showing Up

write.pngWriter's block happens to the best of us. Freelance Folder, a site for budding writers, suggests that by simply showing up for a scheduled writing time, you can eventually beat it:

Sometimes your brain will freeze, your motivation will leave you, and your car won't start. Showing up at your keyboard will solve two of those problems. If you've scheduled 8am to 9am to write, and you sit there for an hour and nothing comes out, you've still followed through on your appointment. When you sit down tomorrow your chances of breaking writer's block skyrocket.

A scheduled time for writing does seem to do the trick; it makes you accountable and gives you structure. What's your best trick for beating writer's block? Let's hear your tips in the comments.


    When I'm stuck, it's usually because I'm having a problem with or simply don't want to work on the writing I have in front of me. Things that help: a) freewriting - permission to write anything I like about anything that I like, just to get me started; or b) writing down my thoughts about why I can't write. Often, putting the problem down on paper is all I need to do to get past it.

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