Avoid Leopard teething issues

Mac users who picked up a copy of the new OS, Leopard, over the weekend may want to appraise themselves of some teething issues reported by early installers. It was also brought to my attention over the weekend that Apple's own FileMaker won't run on Leopard - more on that below.

Apple's put up a support page for Leopard installation issues and so far the top support topic is how to deal with the "blue screen of death" phenomenon reported by CNET.

Hopefully FileMaker users are already aware that it won't run on the new Mac OSX, Leopard.  

According to the Australian FileMaker site, FileMaker Pro 9 and FileMaker Pro 9 Advanced generally will not run on Leopard in a number of countries outside the US, including Australia. They haven't confirmed when there will be a fix for this, but the site says they are aiming to have a downloadable update available on November 19. But that's just for the latest versions of FileMaker - they won't be updating older versions:

"We have not tested earlier (pre-FileMaker 9) versions of FileMaker software on Mac OS X Leopard and do not intend to release updates for earlier versions of FileMaker."

I haven't gotten to check out Leopard yet, but if you've installed it successfully (or not!) let us know your thoughts in comments.


    I installed Leopard on my office mac, a late 2006 G5 iMac, core dual Intel processors on board, 3Gigs of RAM. The install disc, when I performend the recommended media check of the DVD, hangs after a screen recommended cleaning the disc, which had failed the media check. After that, the iMac went into hang mode with every reboot, apparently, so the tech in Cupertino told me, because the system had somehow been overwritten, even though I'd never got past the bloody media check. I had to scrounge up an old G3 iMac, put the G5 in Target mode, retrieve all my data from the G5, do an erase and clean install on the G5, then put the G3 back into Target mode to pull all the files back again. Net time lost: 14 hours. Not pretty.

    The look and feel of Leopard is a significant departure from the previous cats, so I need a bit time to get accustomed to it. Otherwise, no compatibility issues, even with some of my quirkier apps.

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