Add Custom Right-Click Options With Nautilus-actions

nautilus-actions_crop.pngLinux only: Automate frequent tasks and avoid unnecessary program hunting with Nautilus-actions, a free extension that adds file-specific options to the right-click menu. Those with a little script know-how can easily hack together their own automators, but some of the freely available actions include resizing and emailing pictures, file conversion and renaming and even a helpful "shredder"—the kind that erases and overwrites a file 10 times to make it unrecoverable. We've previously offered similar extensions, but Nautilus-actions allows you to pick and choose extensions, some with helpful interfaces, that mesh with your other right-click hacks. Nautilus-actions is a free download (available in many standard repositories, including Ubuntu and Red Hat) and requires Gnome and Nautilus. Some plug-ins may require additional scripting packages.


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