6 Cool Tools to Track Your Time

We've mentioned a few work timers lately, such as the Title Bar Browser Timer, which lets you set how long you'd like to be able to websurf before getting a message telling you to get back to work, or Using a Digital Timer to stay on track and get things done.

But what if you want to track your worktime because you bill your clients by the hour, or need to know how long a job takes you? Then a time tracker may be what you need. The Freelance Switch came up with 6 timetracking tools today, including previously mentioned Cashboard. Several of them are freeware or offer free basic versions too.

6 Cool Tools to Track Your Time [Freelance Switch]


    Location report
    Attendance report solution, Log your life and how much time you spent. Every thing can be automatically done now.
    Keeping track of how you spend your work day isn't easy, but it has many benefits. It's hard to keep track how much time you spent this month at work. When did you get home last time.
    Now the "Location report" can help you with that! Never again for filling your work report start wonder if you reach work 3 weeks ago at 08:0 or 09:30. Now you got me to help you.

    Download me now:


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