5 Great (And Free) Games You’re Not Playing Now

scrabulous.pngIf, like me, you've witnessed a slew of your friends become addicted to playing Scrabble on Facebook (search for the Scrabulous application to get started), you know that online games have taken off in a big way lately. Digg turned up this post recommending five free games, all Flash-based, which can be played in your web browser. Check the comments for a few more reader recommendations - I have to admit I'm intrigued by the description of Kingdom of Loathing.

Timewasters, sure. But they're free - think of the money you'll save from not buying the lastest Star Wars Lego game. ;)

5 Great (And Free) Games You’re Not Playing Now [GigaOM]


    oops, the link to GigaOm actually points to Kingdom of Loathing again :)

    My worst most dangerous time wasting online game is Dice Wars - kinda Risk-ish game, where you try and take over the whole board by rolling your stacks of dice against multiple AI opponents. I think there's a multiplayer version around too, but too many people just drop out when they start to lose, so it becomes un-fun pretty quick.

    Whoops, thanks for pointing that out. Fixed. :)

    Over 100 free open source games.


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