3 Network to offer Skype 3G phone

ZDNet reports today that the 3 network will launch a Skype 3G phone on the Australian market in December.

The Skype phones will offer free calls and SMS between Skype users, and normal 3 rates for other calls. The handset will have a dedicated Skype button. Local pricing hasn't been announced, although the model launching in the UK this week costs around $120.

Australia to wait till December for Skype 3 mobile [ZDNet]


    I hope their coverage is upto it and they don't charge you a fortune if you stray onto telstras network. This could the achilles heal.

    I have fring on my phone and it does skype over wifi for free already on three...

    It's $179 on prepaid or free on the $29 cap when you sign up for 24months.

    Skype calls are only available when you're using 3's towers - there's no roaming charges because the calls would just drop out if you swapped to a Telstra tower - the 2G roaming network wouldn't be able to handle the Skype data.

    You can make up to 4000 mins of Skype calls a month, regardless of cap plan/prepaid credit. There's no excess usage charges, but 3 "may suspend your Skype service until the next month" if you use over the 4000 mins. There's no way to purchase additional allowance. But seriously, 4000 mins is 2 hours every day.

    Hey I been busting my brain trying to work out how I can use skype on 3 without having to buy X-series ad on or that skype phone cos it looks and feels so cheap and is a basic bottom of range phone... So I found Fring and although I spent 2 hrs with a 3 rep today explaining that unless I get the 3 skype phone or x-series ad on there is no way that I can have skype on my N65.... Well well well...

    He said that IM chat function is only alvailable on the 3 skype phone the rest of the x-series mobiles will only support talk but I just talked and used skype chat with Fring and it worked excellent .... I wonder if there is a way to log on to skype when not near a WIFI port without costing extra for data??? Anyone!!

    I bought a skype phone in australia. When I connect using my existing skype id, it says you need to signup before use.

    The skype id is correct and i have checked it from my pc.

    how can i use skype on my 3Skype phone.


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