21 ways to make someone's day

make_someone's_day.pngHere's a challenge for the weekend ahead - make someone's day. The "I will change your life" blog has a list of 21 things you can do to make someone's day. A few of them were predictable (give chocolates, cook them a meal) but to me what stood out where the little things you can do to let someone know you're thinking of them.

For example - make a mixed CD for a friend and mail it to them out of the blue. Here's another one I reallly liked:

"Did you just think of a funny event that happened to you and a friend? Or do you have some photos from a recent outing? If so, send a quick email to your friend so that they can relive the memory."

Another one I'm partial to is making a mental note when a friend or loved one mentions something they'd really like to buy for themselves. Buy it secretly and give it to them months later - they'll be bowled over that you remembered.

Good luck bringing a smile to someone's face this weekend. :)

21 ways to make someone's day [I will change your life]


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