Where Do You Store Your Digital Stuff?

Where Do You Store Your Digital Stuff?

We’ve covered hundreds of tools to capture and manage your digital “stuff” over the years: to-do lists, email systems, calendars, photo managers, web clippings, passwords, bookmarks list. But after the parade of the new dies down, you stick with the system that works best for you. So we want to know: where do you store your digital stuff? What are your trusty shelves for stowing away the bits of information that run your life? Let us know in the comments.


  • I just randomly put my stuff wherever. I have a folder on my desktop where I store most of my stuff (shared computer) but other than that most things are just put wherever I feel like at the time. I could be more organised, but I’m not, and if I’m really stuck I can use the search feature or Google Desktop.

  • Having a backup folder is great, then having a robocopy job scheduled to copy that folder to my gmail drive is even better.

    This really only works for my personal paperwork though. For my movie/music/photo collection if something happens I am stuffed…

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