Where Do You Sell Your Stuff Online?

cdpurge.jpg Finance blogger Cady describes how she made extra cash selling her unlistened-to CDs on Amazon Marketplace. The return isn't stellar, but it's still found money:

Although I'm losing in double-digits percentage-wise on commission, fees and shipping, I've gained about $160 I didn't have otherwise. Those discs were just sitting there, and I'd have had to put out quite a bit of effort without using Amazon to turn that stack of 28 CDs into $160. I wouldn't have made $6 per disk at a yard sale. I've tried visiting local used CD shops and I get maybe a $1 a disk if I'm lucky.

Amazon Marketplace, eBay, Craigslist—where's your favourite place to sell your stuff and why? Let us know in the comments.


    I'd love to know some AU-friendly solutions that have worked for people. Ebay fees really bite for the smaller ticket items but we don't seem to have anything here that is on the scale of Craigslist or Amazon Marketplace(Gumtree isn't even close).

    There's always the Trading Post, although good luck getting any firm information on their rates - when I hit the How Much Will My Ad Cost link, I get a blank page...oh wait, it works in IE but not FF.

    It's not too bad I guess, internet only ads are $0.50up to $10 plus 5% of the advertised price of goods for sale up to $100, etc etc. an extra $10 gets you the actual paper edition as well.

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