Using geotagging to link photos to locales

Stephen Shankland's written a really nice overview of geotagging, looking at the tech available for those who wish to add geographic tags into the digital photography mix.

"Today, geotagging is not for the faint of heart. It requires a Global Positioning System (GPS) receiver and either software that adds GPS data to photo files or an expensive camera that communicates directly with the GPS device. But as the technology takes off and sites such as Yahoo's Flickr or Google's Panoramio show off the possibilities, the elements of geotagging are starting to come together."

CNET also has a photo gallery which shows off geotagging technology on Flickr and Google, as well as some geotagging-friendly cameras.

Geotagging links photos to locales [CNET]


    Geotagging on flickr never seems to work for me, Yahoo! Maps just don't seem as good as Google Maps...

    Do you know locr? locr offers the ideal solution and makes geotagging exceptionally easy. locr uses GoogleMaps with detailed maps and high-resolution satellite images. To geotag your photos just enter address, let locr search, fine-tune the marker, accept position, and done! If you don’t know the exact address simply use drag&drop to set the position.
    Have a look at

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