Use the Draft function for emails in Thunderbird

Use the Draft function for emails in Thunderbird

Earlier today we told you about how to defer emails to avoid embarrassment.
It reminded me of a tip I’ve been meaning to post about avoiding premature sending of emails – and this one doesn’t require any additional software. It just needs you to use the “Save as Draft” function in Thunderbird.
I’ve started using “Save as Draft” for a few reasons.

  • *I know I’m going to be writing the in stages, or wanting to edit or add things before it’s finished and ready to go. Saving the draft allows me to save my work in case my email client or computer crashes, or I later mistakenly close my email client without saving the email I’m working on.
  • *When viewing your list of draft emails in the Draft folder in Thunderbird, the “Send” button is dropped off the toolbar so you can’t send the email accidentally just by having it selected in the list – you need to hit “Edit draft” in order to open up the email and keep working.
  • *The other good thing about the Draft function is that when you hit “Save” you have a choice between “Save as draft” or “Save as template”. Go the template option if you’re crafting an email which you’re likely to be able to reuse. It will be saved in a new “Template” folder below the “Drafts” folder in your email folders.

Note – I’m sure that Outlook 2007 has similar functionality but I haven’t yet installed it as I’m wedded to Thunderbird. Feel free to leave comments about similar functions for other email clients.


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