Update: Lifehacker redirection still broken

As I mentioned on Friday, Australian Lifehacker readers attempting to visit the Lifehacker US are currently unable to get there, due to a broken website redirection. Currently, all of the Lifehacker related URLs (including us.lifehacker.com) are redirecting the AU site. This is *not* working as intended - usually you can hit the "US edition" button at the top of the Lifehacker AU site, or type us.lifehacker.com to travel to the US site. While Australian readers/RSS subscribers get *all* the US content plus additional local content, we understand that sometimes you want to go straight to the US site, and normally things are set up for you to do just that. Unfortunately the fix for this is out of our hands - but we've alerted our friends over at Gawker who look after Lifehacker in the US, and they're working on a fix. Again, our apologies. It's as frustrating to us as it is to you.


    this works:


    Wow. Ok, I didn't even realise lifehacker *had* an Australian edition until this happened. Must have been something I missed while I was overseas. But -- why are all the US comments missing on this version? I think this is a bit disappointing. Discussion is a huge part of the value of topical blogs like these, and if the AU edition is a walled garden with no comments getting in from or out to the US edition then I might just have to get a feed of the AU content only and stick with the main page. Can anyone explain why this is?

    I'd like to report a VERY annoying bug. Hopefully someone will see this.

    I have the US edition of lifehacker bookmarked because, frankly, this aussie one isn't as good. It's not that I don't appreciate it and all, but...it's true.

    So why, WHY do you take over my browser and redirect my bookmark? Why? I can click on the US edition link on the website and it works okay, so WHY does lifehacker insist I come to the pointless au version first? QUIT IT!

    Hi Lucky,
    us.lifehacker.com is the URL which should reliably take you to the US site.

    Hi Linus,
    Lifehacker US is published by Gawker, we're published by Allure Media. We're partnering with them to bring the US content over here and add in our own content too. We're keen to somehow combine the US and Aussie comments but need to work with Gawker to make it happen. I'll keep you posted. :)

    Hi Annoyed,
    I've emailed you so we can try to diagnose the problem.

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