Tribler 4.1 - P2P file sharing client


TorrentFreak reports the lastest version of the Harvard Uni-developed P2P file sharing client, Tribler V4.1 is out. It supports BitTorrent, but they're trying to create a next gen P2P client by building in currency and sharer rankings to encourage uploads.

"The latest version of Tribler enhances the standard tit-for-tat BitTorrent algorithms with something they call the give-to-get algorithm. This new algorithm allows their users to benefit from a good ratio without using a central server like private BitTorrent trackers do."

It's fascinating stuff. TorrentFreak notes that down the road Tribler plans to move to a decentralised trust system and allow users to add tags to content.

Harvard Develops P2P Client that uses Bandwidth as “Currency” [TorrentFreak]

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