The Most Productive Gadgets

The Most Productive Gadgets

igoogle.pngWork from home lifesaver Web Worker Daily has compiled a list of the most productive iGoogle gadgets (yep, there really are some!).
Included on this list are multiple list tools, reminder services, clocks, earnings calculators, and lots more. I just might have to dust off my sadly neglected iGoogle page and see how much I can rev it up with these.


  • Rant … building … can’t … stop

    I understand the allure of gadgets but I don’t use any of the desktop or web based gadget frameworks because the actual widgets available are always so lame. This article does nothing to change my mind.

    1. Today List. I’ve got one of these, it’s called GMail. Copying tasks from one system to another will not make me more productive, it’s just another excuse not to be completing the tasks.

    2. iReminder. I’ve got this, it’s called Google Calendar.

    3. Timesheet Recorder. This one I like, 1/3 for gadgets.

    4. Procrastinator’s clock. Points for hilarity but has this ever made anyone more productive?

    5. My earnings. Ooh, I can see how much I got paid to waste time playing with all these gadgets, that’s productive!

    6. Google analytics. Yes, now I can change my clients’ web sites in instant knee-jerk reaction to tiny traffic changes instead of looking at the figures over a sensible period. Awesome!

    7. Google services. Oh good, a tiny version of each of my Google services. If only there was a tabbed interface I could use to keep a usable size page open to each service; some kind of browser for this web of information.

    8. Compound gadget. Cool, I can put the one useful gadget I’ve found so far into a tab with a single page.

    9. World clocks. I grudgingly concede this could add to some people’s productivity. I would use it to schedule online games.

    10. Document to PDF. I’ve got this, it’s called a PDF printer driver. It supports ALL document formats and doesn’t send my files around the world.

    11. Microsoft Outlook. Too many easy targets.

    12. Days since. I like the idea but it would be so much more useful as a Firefox extension for Gmail.

    13. Web stickies. Hurrah, my virtual workspace can be just as disorganised as my physical workspace.

    14. Activity tracker. This is just a lamer version of number 3.

    15. Make your own gadget. Ok, I get it, you’re padding now. Maybe you should have gone with 10 iGoogle Gadgets instead.

    So why are 90% of gadgets, even in productivity blogs, just less productive ways of doing something for which a better tool is available? Is time tracking and world clocks really the only thing they’re actually useful for? Are they really just virtual desk toys?

    Ah, feel purged, hope I gave someone a laugh.

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