Ten ways to maximise your broadband value

Reader Korian pointed us to a useful piece in The Australian which talks about the current state of play for broadband users in Australia, looking at the practise of ‘shaping’ download speeds as well as giving some “sound, no nonsense Aus-centric advice for broadband users”.

It contains ten tips for maximising your broadband value, including:

“¢ PICK an ISP who suits your usage habits. If you’re a dedicated online gamer, pick an ISP that offers free gaming traffic. Conversely, if you’re permanently swapping files via BitTorrent, don’t choose an ISP that automatically shapes P2P traffic.

“¢ PAY your bill the cheapest way possible. Many ISPs charge a service fee for monthly billing or payment by credit card; direct debit is often the cheapest option.

“¢ CHECK for upload rules. Most ISPs don’t count uploads as part of your overall traffic, but some (including Telstra and, in some cases, Optus) do. Avoid these plans, especially if you regularly send large files yourself.

“¢ MAKE sure your ISP supports rapid transfer. Rapid transfer allows you to easily switch to another ISP with minimal disruption if a better plan comes along.

“¢ KEEP your security software up-to-date. If your machine becomes part of an infected “botnet”, your internet usage can skyrocket.

MIS-shaping future of broadband [The Australian]

Thanks, Korian!

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