Sony Defense Force and Wii60 Share Owner

wii60defense.jpgThe folks over at PS3Tag got bored and decided to do a little digging into who exactly owned the Sony Defense Force website. Seems PS3Tag is affiliated with, and were tired of getting associated with the SDF. As it turns out Narutoboy of the SPG was emailed by one Rob Foor of the Sony Defense Force regarding a link exchange. Now if you check the WHOIS info on, Foor's name shows up as the registrant of that domain. Both sites share names servers, and at one point they even came out of the same IP address. What this basically means is the website that "started in May of 2006 after Sony announced the price of the PS3 would be the now infamous '$599 U.S. Dollars'" and the website that takes pride in pictures of Xbox 360's covered in urine are run by the same guy. Way to cover your tracks. I'd compliment the SPG guys for their detective work, but Foor just made it far too easy. Commence public flogging.

We have proof that will bring to light the true nature of the owners of []


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