Set up bookmarks for weekday or weekend reading with Morning Coffee

coffee%20break.jpg Firefox only - thanks to Paul's comment on our post about how to open a set of bookmarks with one click, I've learned of a nifty (admittedly not new!) Firefox extension.

Paul says:

"If you prefer to have different sites open on different days of the week - ie you've got your weekday faves and different weekend faves - download the 'Morning Coffee' extension. You can then save different sites for different days (individual days, M-F only, weekend only, M, W, F only or the T-days only) - what a choice! Then you only have to click the cuppa icon in the toolbar and the day's sites automatically open.

What could be easier?!"

You can download Morning Coffee 1.26 here. It works with Firefox: 2.0b1 – 2.0.0. Thanks for the tip, Paul!


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