Schedule Your Television Time with CAT Calendar for TV

cat1.png US-centric: Don't want to miss the season premiere of your favourite TV series this week? Check out web site CAT (Calendar for TV), which lists primetime shows on a monthly calendar, with premieres marked in orange and handy rollover episode synopses. Adjust your timezone, and choose a printer-friendly style to print it out, too. Seeing as how the previously mentioned EvokeTV is now MIA, this looks like a handy lookup to plan your primetime evening while you're still stuck at the office. (Grey's Anatomy premieres tonight. Squee!) How are you keeping on top of your TV this season? Let us know in the comments. Thanks, Sam! AU - The CAT calender is for US TV, but it might be useful for those awful, awful Bit Torrent-using pirates out there who like to know when their favourite US shows are going to be hitting the internets.


    I like Spotep at much better

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