Roundup of Federal Election websites

Roundup of Federal Election websites

The Australian’s Media section had an interesting roundup of the websites which are springing up to cover (and cash in on) the upcoming federal election. It says that Google is going to launch its own election website tomorrow, replete with “video footage, user-generated content and customised information feeds.”
Ninemsn will launch its Australia Decides 07 site next week, while Prime (affiliated with Channel 7) has its Federal E1ection site up and running in beta format (err, what’s with the E1ection script kiddy language?).
Tipster Anthony points out it might be worthwhile/amusing to check out their Legal page as the terms and conditions include such gems as: “You automatically assign all copyrights on anything you post to them, but you’re still legally responsible for it. Anyone can create any derivative works of anything you post, with the proviso that they must mention as the source (and not you).” Thanks for pointing that out, Anth and thanks Korian for the Oz story.

Websites gear up for the election [The Australian]


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