Rock the Podium – tips for presenting

Wired’s How to Wiki has some tips for public speaking by blogger, writer and Boing Boing editor Cory Doctorow.
There were a few tips I really liked including:

6. Don’t use the conference’s Net connection for your demo. It’s embarrassing to stand on stage whining, “Everyone please stop using the Net!” Turn your demo into screenshots, bring an EVDO card for your own high-speed connection, or use desktop vitualization like VMWare to bring the whole server with you.

7. Don’t rely on the event’s A/V setup, either. To play an audio clip, try holding your mike up to your laptop’s speaker or purchase your own USB audio interface. Be sure to bring your own audio cables and power strip, ” Just in case”.

8. Use your Q&A time wisely. Field the big-picture queries while you’re onstage and deal with the minutiae offline.

I don’t think it went far enough though. The last conference I went to banned the use of Powerpoint completely. Here, here.

Rock the Podium [Wired]

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