Roadtest your broadband speed on Facebook

broad_band_speed.png ZDNet Australia has jumped on the Facebook bandwagon with an application which lets you measure your broadband speed and then compare notes with your friends. They're claiming to have gotten 6,000 Facebook users to use the Broadband Speed Challenge app, which lets you see how you rank against your other Facebook friends, as well as other nations. So far Australia ranks 17th, with Finland leading. My result? broadband_result.png If you sign up for the speed test, let me know how you fared in comments.


    10,661kbps fastest :)

    I scored 14612 in Melbourne CBD. Not bad, I guess!

    I'm on a DODO connection in Western District Victoria and took the test - got 274 - should Ilaugh or cry.
    yes it's broadband!

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