Remember the Milk adds synching ability

milksync.png The Oz-developed online reminder tool Remember the Milk has added Milk Sync - a tool which allows you to synch Remember the Milk with the Windows Mobile task application of your Smartphone or PocketPC device. Features include Two way synchronisation (or optionally RTM to device, or device to RTM), Over The Air (OTA) or cradle sync, scheduled synchronisation (e.g., automatically sync every hour, or when the device is placed in cradle), the ability to include all lists or specific lists from RTM in sync. The catch is that its only available to paid users of Remember the Milk, so it will set you back $US25 a year. (Is it just me, or is it a little cheeky to offer a paid subscription for a Beta service?) I've used Remember the Milk as a standalone, online repository for my to-do lists but I'd be interested to hear if any readers are Pro users how they find the Milk Sync feature. Thanks for the tip, Korian!


    I installed it yesterday on my iMate JasJam and it works really well.

    MilkSync + OggSync = happiness.

    I have been using RTM for a while and using the mobile web interface on my phone and been happy, but the possibilities of MilkSync was enough for me to upgrade to a pro account...
    However, be careful if this is the only reason you're going for the pro option as I use funambol to sync my contacts and calendar with GCal and Gmail and it is not compatible with MilkSync (and thus you have to pick a side - for me contacts + calendar won)

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