Quickly Track Flights with Google Search and Earth Integration

google-earth-flight-tracking.png Tracking a flight in your browser or in Google Earth has never been easier, thanks to Google's integrated search results for flight information. Just enter the flight number of a flight in progress (like AA 34) into your Google search box. Google recognises the flight name and provides links to track the status of the flight at Travelocity, Expedia or at previously mentioned FBOWeb. If you choose FBOWeb, you'll get a few cool stats for the flight, like ground speed, altitude, ETA, and the Google Map location. You can take tracking to the next level by clicking the Google Earth link to download a KML file to track the rest of the flight in close to real time with Google Earth. We've this kind of flight tracking, but Google's integration with flight numbers and FBOWeb has really streamlined the process. AU - looks like this one's US-centric. :( Any frequent flyers out there know of similar tools for those of us in the southern hemisphere?


    Are there any flight trackers available for international flights that are not US related?

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