Organise Your To-dos, Bookmarks, and RSS Feeds with Treedolist

treedolist.png Web site Treedolist hierarchically organises your to-do list, notes, bookmarks, RSS feeds, and pretty much anything else you can think to drop into it. At its most basic, you can think of it as a simple to-do list with the ability to add structured and nested lists and then filter your lists by due dates, labels, and a number of other useful methods. It gets interesting, though, when you realise that you can also add more information, like RSS feeds, and share branches of any tree with other Treedolist users. And—like any good online to-do list—Treedolist has several useful keyboard shortcuts.


    Much prefer, check it out :) Lots of advanced features as you get more comfortable with it, but it's very intuitive. Found it a couple of months ago but started extensively using it about 10 days ago and been much more organized since.

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