Online video stores for Australians

As I’m sure you’re aware, the TV and movie content owners in Australia have really dragged the chain on selling their content online.
Pay TV operators tend to do this a bit better (I remember paying a couple of pounds per movie for a download from our ISP/pay TV provider NTL in London way back in 2000/2001. But what if you don’t want a pay TV subscription just to download movies on demand?
Even Apple’s iTunes store lets us down in that department, which is why their launch of Apple TV seemed so hollow – why get an IPTV box when they won’t sell you the “V” to watch with it?!
I just read a post from Last 100 which gave an overview of 11 (count ’em, 11) video download services in the US. Of course they’re mostly US only, but the article did mention a couple which sell globally.
Jaman specialises in independent and world cinema rental/purchase for Mac/Windows – and claims to be working on a hack to allow it to work with Apple TV.
I’ll definitely be checking out Hungry Flix – which specialises in non-DRM independent and niche videos. The writeup says it’s “radically different” to other offerings:

“All videos are offered as non-DRM’d MPEG4, so as to be compatible with both Mac, PC and Linux, as well as many portable devices, media extenders and set-top-boxes, and the service specifically targets portable media players such as Apple’s iPod or Sony’s PSP.”

Video Download Stores Compared [Last 100]

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