One Year Ago on Lifehacker

  • Don’t trash broken stuff; send it back“Rather than just sending your broken stuff to a landfill, pack it up and ship it back to the manufacturer with a letter asking for a new one. You will be amazed by the results.”
  • Technophilia: 15 ways to get more out of Pandora“I’ve got 15 ways to get better music – and better performance – out of Pandora.”
  • Control spending with the 30-day rule“For the next thirty days, think whether you really want the item, but do not buy it.”
  • Geek to Live: Get local copies of your online research (, digg or Google Notebook)“Sure, storing your data on the web is great for from-any-online-computer access, but in an age of cheap, enormous hard drives and powerful desktop search, why not replicate the data you keep on the web to your computer?”
  • Geek to Live: Improve your web site with Google Analytics“I’ve tried practically every free web site stats analyser under the sun – and none has come close to the utility, richness and depth of Google Analytics.”
  • Hack Attack: Side-by-side Windows and Mac OS with Parallels“Using the previously-mentioned virtual machine software, Parallels Desktop for Mac ($US79.99), you can run Mac OS X and Windows (XP, Vista, you name it) side-by-side.”
  • How to create the grunge effect with Photoshop“Veerle’s blog offers a helpful tutorial on creating a grunge look in an image in Photoshop…”
  • Hack Attack: Get more from Google Desktop“I love Google Desktop as a desktop search app, but I’m more interested in it as an application launcher first and search tool second.”

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